Using Synology’s SHR

Hyperfocallydistanced asks:

As regards the Synology DS1813+: What RAID Type did you chose and why?

I’m using Synology’s Hybrid SHR in my Diskstation for the express purpose of being able to easily expand the volume as I go.

There’s nothing quite like filling up your RAID5 and then looking at a migration of Terabytes of data to an entirely new device simply because you can’t expand it. I was looking at a variant of this with my current ReadyNAS Pioneer Pro which is maxed out with six 4TB drives. Without the ability to add any more drives, it’s forced migration time.

With the ability to add ten more drives to the Diskstation via external enclosures and seamlessly more than double the size of my current volume, using SHR means putting that next forced migration further into the future. Much further.

I was a bit concerned about what kind of performance hit SHR might have compared with RAID5. In fact, this is one of the reasons I wanted to take that mid-capacity performance check. Turns out, it’s still maxing out my connection to it, so that’s a non-issue.